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Creation Process

We design and fabricate all of our pieces in our studio in Spain. They are made by mixing artisanal practices and 3D printing technology that allows us to create unique pieces with high quality materials and incomparable craftsmanship.

We make sure to be as transparent and responsible as possible in our practices. Therefore, we source our metals from reliable sources that certify it is recycled (sometimes known as ECO-silver) or mined fairly.

We want to supply you with the best quality stones, so we make sure that the stones we use are certified Swarovski Zirconia stones. Swarovski Zirconia is not a synthetic diamond, but it is commonly known as a diamond imitation due to its high quality, durable, hard and optically clear synthetic crystalline substance.

It is a man-made material, usually colorless that can also be produced in a variety of different colors. They are regarded as the best Zirconia due to their renowned precision-cut technique that Swarovski has been perfecting over the years. They have even managed to cut Zirconias that were as brilliant as diamonds!

Furthermore, they are currently exclusively cut by Swarovski in Austria, complying with the country’s high social and environmental manufacturing standards.
On the one hand, Swarovski Zirconia is very hard, heat-resistant, and refracts light just like a diamond.
This allows us to work with the highest quality cubic zirconia stones and still be able to offer you the best affordable pricing for our pieces.

We also use recycled and compostable packaging to extend our mindset all the way to the end of the supply chain.


Responsible Materials


Made in Spain


Behind the Scenes

Every month you will recieve some behind the scenes content of how the jewelry is made in our studio in Madrid and new pieces coming out! Stay tuned :)

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