Bringing your jewelry back to life. How will I do this, you ask? Because of the wear and tear of the jewelry, the stones can break, the silver can tarnish, the shape can be deformed, etc. And you have to give them some love after a while.


Usually it is recommended to polish the piece at least once a year! This service goes beyond just polishing the piece, it also ensures that the stone is set correctly, shaping it if the piece has been deformed and giving it a deep cleaning.


Depending on the state of the pieces, the price will vary. The prices listed are a rough guideline of what to expect, but every piece is unique, so some adjustments may be made in the end after looking at the piece.

Reviving Jewelry

25,00 €Precio

First session we will talk about the piece and what you want to be done, your expectations etc. it will be for a max of 1 hour so 20 euros. Then after some details have been set I will send a document with some options and pricing, if you agree then you have to pay half of the final price upfront, and we will get started with the process. You will receive updated weekly!.

Every month you will recieve some behind the scenes content of how the jewelry is made in our studio in Madrid and new pieces coming out! Stay tuned :)

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